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The Travel Pad is a global travel platform for adventurers to connect, plan trips, publish stories, map their travels, create a travel blog / magazine and more. Whether you are a travel blogger, digital nomad, or simply someone planning for your next trip, I’m sure that there will be something here that would be useful to you. The Travel Pad is free to use with an unlimited number of stories, discoveries (images or videos), and collections that you can create in your account. You can also choose to upgrade to a Pro account to unlock all features and customisations (and support the development of this site too).

The Travel Pad – Explore. Be Inspired. Create.

bontryp is a different way to discover travel deals all over the world, and here’s why: They don’t sell travel offers, they just help you to get the best deal to suit your needs. They provide economic options for travel; everyone can travel with bontryp, regardless of your situation. In this way you save time on travel searches and money on your trips. They offer essential information and travel requirements for your destinations (for example vaccinations, visa, airport information, etc). They offer consultation services to individuals and companies.

bontryp – We don’t sell you anything. We give you it all.

More collaborators all over the world :

Italy: Italia Straniera – Travel, art and culture blog, with news and insights on the most suggestive and least known places in Italy.

Spain: Tripode de Viaje – Extremaduran couple living in Madrid, who in their blog report in very complete way from their personal experience about the destinations they have visited.  They like to travel freely and share the tips they have learned during their trips. They also give advice on how to get good photos, their other great passion.

United Kingdom: Flyingdog Travel – Travel blog of the best of South East Asia with information, guides, advice and links to deals and recommendations.

India: Travel India Travel Safe – Make your complete travel plan, from your arrival airport to departure airport for your relaxed, safest, and economical stay anywhere in the world. Also advice all possible benefits and warnings about a particular place of travel to clients.

Nepal : Travel Umpire – They provide the information for travelers about Nepal. Actually, specialized in culture & history tour, trekking & hiking, eco- tourism, jungle safari, leisure & pleasure tours. Moreover, virtual assistant in tailoring the most perfect trip for Nepal to make memorable holiday for family & special groups as well couple travel.

Colombia : Walled city of Cartagena – Tourism agency with presence in the city of Cartagena and its surroundings. Offer tourism services with excellent quality and complying with the biosafety protocol established by the Colombian government in resolution 1443 of August 24, 2020.

Dominican Republic : Isaac Tours – The mindset, combined with a desire for local culture and a deep appreciation for customers and needs, is what has earned Isaac Tours a sophisticated niche and a loyal following. Isaac Tours combines the best attractions of paradises in a truly enchanted destination, offering Tours, transportation, nature walks, life, investments and real estate in the Dominican Republic.